Friday, January 1, 2010

Mad Libs

Around here, we use Mad Libs quite a bit. It's a fun way to work on simple parts of speech. The kids love them because they're so silly, and it's something we can take with us on road trips, etc.

Today I came across It's A Mad Libs World!...Online Mad Libs. Cool! The kids fill out a form that asks for parts of speech, click "submit" and the story appears. If they forget the definition for one of the parts of speech, they just mouse over the term and a definition pops up along with a few examples. There are 13 Mad Libs categories to choose from. Our favorite is Pirate Mad Libs!

Mad Libs not only reinforce simple grammar, but they're great for reading practice, too.

Check it out. It's a fun site!


  1. Quit making me look bad by doing "school" during Christmas break.

    Thanks for the link. Going to go check it out.

  2. work here over break. The only thing we've done is Mad Libs and only b/c the kids don't see that as school. They just think it's fun. I'm not ready for break to be over. I wish we had another week.



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