Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Lost Art Of The Thank You Note

My mom is a GRITS girl. If there's one thing the child of a Girl Raised In The South knows, it's the importance of a thoughtfully written thank you note (preferably written on monogrammed stationery). However, unlike my mother (and much to her dismay, I'm certain), I have never really taken the time to pass along to my children how important it is to handwrite (not send via email) a thank you note for a gift received or for any other act of kindness. Sure, over the years I've had the children send a thank you note now and then for various things, but I have not been consistent about it. I decided that since I have my younger children with me all day now, there is no excuse for not teaching them when and how to write a proper thank you note.

Instead of copywork this week, we are writing thank you notes for Christmas gifts. In addition to learning basic etiquette, writing the notes provides opportunities to learn how to address an envelope and to practice handwriting, grammar and a little creative writing.

Since Thing 4 is still learning to write neatly, we use penmanship paper for her notes. I also let her use the kind of paper that has space for drawing because she likes to include a little art with her notes.

Surprisingly, the children have really enjoyed doing this.

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