Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today in Oak Meadow Science

This week in third grade, we are studying plants and our relationship with them. We learned about the plant oxygen and food cycles yesterday, and today we learned that in addition to food and clean air, plants provide us with beauty. The assignment for today was to find ten flowers/plants in our immediate environment and draw them in the Main Lesson Book.

In fifth grade, we are studying the envrironment and our ecosystem. We talked about living and non-living things in our environment. Here, Thing 3 is making a mural of a forest scene and including both living and non-living things in his drawing.

When we have a busy day (like we have today), it's tempting to skip the more artsy aspects of our lessons and get on with Math, Latin and more "school-y" things. I'm trying to resist that temptation and remember that taking time to observe and draw a flower is important, too.


  1. Oh, I'm go glad to know someone else gets tempted to skip the "artsy" things and just get the bookwork done some days too. It's a focused decision on my part to make sure I get a whole learning experience in!

    Some days I DO choose that, and I always regret it. Thanks for the reminder to STOP and be reflective and artsy!



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