Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bake Like A Phoenician

Thing 4 has been studying ancient Hebrew and Phoenician cultures over the past few weeks. Today, we made flat bread, which was most likely a staple in the diets of people of both cultures.

(How's that for product placement? It was purely accidental. I'm really not getting paid by the Gold Medal people.)

One thing I really appreciate about Oak Meadow is that they give me a lesson to teach and then give me two or three activities to reinforce that lesson. It's working so well for us.

She thought it was kind of magical the way they ballooned in the oven:

And then flattened out as they cooled:

This was her favorite part:


  1. These are great. I love bringing a lesson alive!

    You must be right ahead of Lovely's Social Studies book (which sounds VERY similar to OG's - Story of the World, I'm loving it too!. I think we hit Hebrew and the Phoenicians next week and will be baking as well! LOVE it!



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