Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Artsy Craftsy

Oak Meadow provides a lot...a whole lot...of enrichment activities to go along with what we are studying. I'm thrilled to have the activities planned for me. That makes it so easy. Here are a few things we've done recently.

Thing 4 has been studying Native American cultures, so we made corn husk dolls and dream catchers. We invited our sweet friends to do these crafts with us.

Thing 3 has been studying Colonial America, so we made pinch pots and we're in the process of doing a little needlework. The needlework thing has made Thing 3 thankful that he was not born a female in Colonial times.

In our Animal Habitat study, we learned about ways we can improve the habitat for some animals. We made bird feeders.

Whew! I'm about ready for some worksheets!


  1. That is pretty cool stuff!

    Is that a bagel hanging from your tree?

    There are indeed A LOT of activities, but I'm beginning to see that they are worth it.

  2. Oh - I need to get on the activities!!! LOVE this!



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