Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Green Science!

Every Monday, we meet with eight other kiddos and their moms for Science. Ms. Angie is the best Science teacher. She is as passionate about Science as my 12th grade English teacher, Mrs. Shepherd, was about Shakespeare. That's pretty passionate. Ms. Angie also happens to be one of my best friends and the coolest mom ever! We love her!

Last Monday, we studied Environmental Science. It was oh so fun, and it warmed my little green heart!

The kids learned about paper, paper fibers, etc. Then they made paper from recycled newspaper.

They also learned about the effects of oil spills on animal life by making a foil "tanker" and having a spill.

Finally, they learned how oil spills are contained and then cleaned up.

Very cool!


  1. That is awesome! Sounds like the a reincarnation of the "kitchen schools" ~ the first schools in America. When they settlers first started educating their kids, they sat around a table in the kitchen, taught by their moms. Often times several families would learn together, and the moms would take turns teaching. The the Boston Colony made a law that once 100 families lived in a town, they had to build a school-house and pitch in to pay a teacher to teach the all the kids.
    You probably already knew this :-) But that's what I was reminded of after reading your post!
    My best friend lives in Missouri, and we always talk about how cool it would be if we could get together for certain subjects, certain times a month or whatever. Y'all are lucky you got that goin' on!!!

  2. Oh my gosh~ I'm so embarrassed about all the type-o's in that comment I left a few minutes ago. Charis was pulling on my arm, begging me to go help her with a craft. Lol! That's what I get for thinking I could type it quick and post it. (deep sigh) (remember the video... remember the video... remember the video) (which I thought was great, by the way. I posted it on my blog too. Made me sad! I dunno WHAT I'm gonna do when I don't have these kiddos tugging at my arm and begging me to do crafts with them ~ sniff-sniff).



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