Monday, March 22, 2010

Doing The Happy Dance!

Our new curriculum came today!

I haven't had time to sit down and look over it thoroughly. I plan to do that later tonight. Just a quick glance through it all makes me think I'm going to love it. I think it's exactly what I've been looking for. There's a lot more to it than is shown in these photos, but this gives you an idea.

The craft supplies are really high quality, too. In addition to what's pictured here, we also received a book binding kit, mexican clay, beeswax crayons, quills and India ink, acrylic paints, paint brushes and much more. I love that I'm not going to have to make trips to Hobby Lobby every time we do an enrichment project.

Can we scrap 2nd and 4th grade and just start on 3rd and 5th right now?


  1. Melanie it looks like a great curriculum. We used some of the same books with MFW 2 yrs ago and loved them. I hope you really enjoy your curriculum next year! Isn't it fun to look through and plan for the next year, I just love it!

  2. All this came together? I'd love to hear more..!!!!



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