Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traveling School ...

One really cool thing about Otherwise Educating is that we can do it today when we took a field trip to the salon so the teacher could get a pedicure.

Last week, we took our little home school on the road and headed to Indianapolis for the Bands of America Grand Nationals Competition where we watched Thing 2 and the High School Marching Band compete.

That's my kiddo there, second from the right. He's so good he plays two French Horns at the same time. Or maybe he was carrying someone else's horn. I can't remember. Either way, he is a very talented horn player. But I digress...

It's great to have the flexibility to travel with our family during the school year without having to worry about make-up work. We worked ahead a little before we left so we didn't have to take any work on the road with us. There are so many opportunities to learn when we're away from home that I don't see the point in complicating things with school work.

Reading a little while waiting to go into the stadium.

We got to see the Berlin Wall show again. It is the show that I mentioned here that caused us to study the Berlin Wall. We also heard some wonderful music and saw some incredible marching shows. I love Arts Education.

We visited the Children's Museum of Indianapolis while we were there.

This is the best Children's Museum I've ever visited. It was an awesome field trip!

We got to touch real dinosaur bones and talk to a paleontologist who was working on a field cast. So cool!

We shopped in an Egyptian Marketplace...

...and visited an Ancient Egyptian Temple.

We visited the Tree of Hope and added our promises, and I made a mental note to work more on spelling with Thing 4.

We looked at some real germs.

And we had a lot of fun.


  1. How is your son enjoying the '39 clues'? What age is he Melanie?

  2. Sheryl, he is enjoying the book. This is the first one he's read. He just turned ten. Has Kajsa read them?



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