Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homeschooling With Weird Al (Again)

Hello again! It's been a crazy year, and I haven't found much time for blogging, but some things are just to good not to share, so here I am again.

Last year, we incorporated some Weird Al into our Language Arts studies. I know we are a family of total nerds, but we really love Al. Have I mentioned that the man is a goofy musical genius? Anyway, this week the kiddos and I were learning a little about the digestive system and the question arose, "What does the pancreas do?" Weird Al to the rescue again. I have it on good authority that this silly little song about the pancreas is 100% scientifically accurate. My son's high school biology teacher even uses it to teach his students about the pancreas.

Given that my kids retain pretty much anything they hear in a Weird Al tune, if he wrote a home school curriculum in song, I'd buy it.

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