Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cult of Apple

In an effort to further indoctrinate our children in the Apple ideology, we took our FunSchoolers on a field trip to the Apple Store. Granted, given that my children live in a home with, ahem, an Apple product or ten, there wasn't much work to be done on my crew. However, there are some in our group who have not yet drunk the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid. What better way to convince a parent that she needs to buy an iMac than to let her kids play with one for an hour and a half and let the kids fall in love with it? Who can say no to a child begging for a $1,700 computer? Sneaky, sneaky, Mr. Jobs.

We could choose from one of four, text, music or photo. We had the kids make a stop action video with props they brought from home. Very cool!

 The big kid in this next photo is Adam, an Apple mind control expert  Store employee. He had as least as much fun working on this as the kids did. He was so great with them that my neighbor suggested we hire him to entertain the children this summer.

Indoctrination aside, this was a great field trip. In addition to giving each child a DVD of their project and a certificate, they got free t-shirts (sans location tracking...I checked).  

I have tried in vain to upload one of the projects but Blogger is having trouble with video tonight. Trust me when I tell you it very long as you don't play it backwards. 


  1. And I think that kid's name was Atom or that was at least what his name tag said. I pointed that out to our three boys on the way out to the car. They then proceeded to think of his siblings names: Molecule (they thought she would be called Molly) and Element (they call her Ellie). Those boys crack-me-up!

    And I love that I can call a 29 year old a kid. (Not really)

  2. LOL!! Great post!!! That's neat they give tours...even if to just make kids want the brand!

  3. Mel...I accidentally deleted your first comment. Oops! And yes, it is Atom. I read it as "Adam" on his name tag (my mind spelled it that way, I guess) but I noticed on the certificate that it was Atom...which is really so much cooler, isn't it?

  4. Ha! Fun post! Glad you checked the tracking feature on the shirts.....I would have been suspicious, too!



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