Thursday, September 24, 2009

Butter Making

What better to go with homemade bread than homemade butter?

We learned that when fresh milk is left standing, it separates into heavy cream on top and skim milk on bottom. Heavy cream is full of fat and protein. When you shake the cream long enough, the fat globules stick together forming butter and leaving behind buttermilk.

We shook.

And shook.

And then I shook a whole lot more but no one captured that on film.

We decided we needed a little music to shake to, so I took the opportunity to introduce them to yet another song from my childhood, and we shook our booties and our butter with KC and the Sunshine Band playing on the computer. (And, for the record, I knew that song well before The Simpons were around. As I have mentioned, I am o.l.d.)

Finally, we had butter and buttermilk!

If you break a sweat while making butter, does it mean you're out of shape? Just asking...

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